Michelle’s cottage-themed bachelorette

When one of your own gets married, you go balls to the walls.

In the early stages of wedding planning, Michelle had originally wanted to get married at Andrew’s (her then fiancé) family cottage. Logistically though, that wasn’t going to work out.

So when my sister’s best friend and I started bachelorette party scheming, we went full force cottage. We had fun planning and sourcing the details and decor, featuring the beer that’s always at the cottage, a puzzle of the couple themselves (necessary), wood anything, fish paraphernalia we never knew existed but so happy that it did and her favourite cottage snacks (guac, cookies, smores).

We sort of surprised her- she knew something was going down, but we had her with the cottage theme ;). After we all downed some watermelon sangria, we chatted, played silly games, ate a lot and danced to the same few songs over and over.

This has been such a fun time in our lives, and I can’t believe this party and the wedding itself is already behind us.


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Distillery District Engagement Shoot

The Distillery District is cool… but coolEST in the wintertime, agree? It’s more quaint, more European-y, and has less of a trendy vibe in the winter.

The three of us just took a nice walk around the place and stopped to snap photos as we went. It was one of the first weekends after many that were NOT OK in the temperature department. It got chilly and windy as nighttime approached but we braved it out for the pics.

These two were easy-breezy, lovey, and good lookin’. Can I ask for anything more?


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Amanda & John: The Royal Ambassador Wedding Photos

These two couldn’t have asked for a better day to tie the knot. It was a rainy, sad lookin’ morning that turned into one of those dreamy days with pretty skies and perfect tones. The Royal Ambassador was the perfect setting with its lush greens and the prettiest little body of water.

Cue in the couple. Amanda and Jon were super easy going, down to have fun and couldn’t wait to get the party started.

It was a wonderful day!

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Lindsey & Jayden – Port Cunnington Lodge Muskoka Wedding

Shooting in Muskoka is what it feels like to take a little vacation there… a nice break. A deep breath.

The entire wedding party and families of Lindsey & Jayden took over Port Cunnington Lodge for the weekend, so the entire place was basically free reign. The most quaint little cottages (private library, anyone?) + a beautiful lake + pretty fall treess = hearts on hearts on hearts.

Such a pleasure to shoot, Lindsey and Jayden were wonderfully happy and in love. It was very special to be a part of.


Lindsey-&-JadenUntitled_536 Untitled_535 Untitled_537 Untitled_534 Untitled_538 Untitled_512 Untitled_511 Untitled_513 Untitled_533 Untitled_529 Untitled_510 Untitled_514 Untitled_515 Untitled_522 Untitled_521 Untitled_516 Untitled_517 Untitled_518 Untitled_519 Untitled_520 Untitled_523 Untitled_524 Untitled_526 Untitled_528 Untitled_527 Untitled_463 Untitled_462 Untitled_464 Untitled_461 Untitled_458 Untitled_457 Untitled_456 Untitled_460 Untitled_459Untitled_466 Untitled_467 Untitled_469 Untitled_468 Untitled_471 Untitled_472 Untitled_473Untitled_476 Untitled_475 Untitled_482 Untitled_479 Untitled_478 Untitled_477 Untitled_480 Untitled_481 Untitled_485 Untitled_484 Untitled_483 Untitled_486 Untitled_487 Untitled_488 Untitled_489 Untitled_490 Untitled_491 Untitled_492 Untitled_493 Untitled_494 Untitled_495 Untitled_496 Untitled_497 Untitled_531 Untitled_532 Untitled_530 Untitled_501 Untitled_500 Untitled_499 Untitled_498 Untitled_503 Untitled_504 Untitled_507 Untitled_502 Untitled_505 Untitled_506

Scotland & Ireland

So, we went on vacation and it was hardcore.

We travelled all along the highlands of Scotland and thinking back… sigh. It was beautiful, and much needed and very special.


Amanda + Morgan | Ancaster Wedding Photography

Amanda and Morgan have become dear friends of ours and I was sincerely so honoured when they asked if we would photograph their wedding (seriously their taste is impeccable). We photographed and styled their engagement photos, & then those photos were featured on Style Me Pretty).

They were truly so ECSTATIC to be marrying one another after 11+ years of being together and reveled in every moment. Will you just look at their first look and first dance photos?! Since they’ve been together so long their siblings and parents are already basically family – everyone was hugging and laughing and holding each other – already all united, now finally official.


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Emily & Paul – Willow tree wedding

Emily and Paul’s wedding was one of the most easy-breezy, low key weddings we’ve shot. Everyone was so excited to be there, so excited to celebrate this amazingly lovely pair.

It was a bit rainy leading up to the ceremony, but of course it all stopped JUST in time, which made for beautiful, soft skies and pretty colours. This all took place at Emily’s dad’s place which is SUCH A DREAM. Greenery everywhere, including an amazing willow tree where these two said their vows.

It was just such a romantic day and night, and we’re so glad we got to be a part of it.



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Amanda & Ian – Toronto Sunset Engagement Shoot

Amanda and Ian are the genuinely kind type – the type who asks us over for pizza after the shoot. Stop. Cutest.

They were super fun-loving and so easy to shoot. Centennial Park is basically their hood, it’s where they go to hang out and take their lil pup for long walks, so it was a no brainer that we head over there for their engagement shoot location. Amanda brought cute props, complete with personalized coke bottles (apparently their friend saw the two bottles with “Amanda” and “Ian” on them sitting directly next to each other at the store so of course IT WAS MEANT TO BE, BUY THE BOTTLES). Ian also has a very serious thing for cupcakes, legitimately somewhat of a cupcake connoisseur, so being the doting wife-to-be that she is, Amanda brought some gourmet cupcakes along too.

Ian was surprised she didn’t bring wine to fill the coffee cups. My kinda gal.

It was a wonderful, easy-going evening and we caught some super pretty light. These two are getting married in Muskoka next week and we simply can’t wait for all the loveliness that day will bring, too.




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