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Amanda + Morgan | Ancaster Wedding Photography

Amanda and Morgan have become dear friends of ours and I was sincerely so honoured when they asked if we would photograph their wedding (seriously their taste is impeccable). We photographed and styled their engagement photos, & then those photos were featured on Style Me Pretty).

They were truly so ECSTATIC to be marrying one another after 11+ years of being together and reveled in every moment. Will you just look at their first look and first dance photos?! Since they’ve been together so long their siblings and parents are already basically family – everyone was hugging and laughing and holding each other – already all united, now finally official.


2014-10-18_0002 2014-10-18_0005 2014-10-18_0006 2014-10-18_0008 2014-10-18_0011 2014-10-18_0012 2014-10-18_0015 2014-10-18_0016 2014-10-18_0017 2014-10-18_0018 2014-10-18_0019 2014-10-18_0020 2014-10-18_0021 2014-10-18_0022 2014-10-18_00232014-10-18_00252014-10-18_00262014-10-18_00272014-10-18_00282014-10-18_00242014-10-18_0029 2014-10-18_0030 2014-10-18_0031 2014-10-18_0032 2014-10-18_0033 2014-10-18_0034 2014-10-18_0035 2014-10-18_0036 2014-10-18_0037 2014-10-18_0039 2014-10-18_0040 2014-10-18_0041 2014-10-18_0042 2014-10-18_0043 2014-10-18_0044 2014-10-18_0047 2014-10-18_0048 2014-10-18_0049 2014-10-18_0050 2014-10-18_00522014-10-18_00512014-10-18_0053 2014-10-18_0054 2014-10-18_0055 2014-10-18_0056 2014-10-18_0057 2014-10-18_0058 2014-10-18_0059 2014-10-18_0060 2014-10-18_0061 2014-10-18_0062 2014-10-18_0063 2014-10-18_00652014-10-18_00642014-10-18_0066 2014-10-18_0067 2014-10-18_00692014-10-18_00682014-10-18_0070 2014-10-18_0071 2014-10-18_0076 2014-10-18_00752014-10-18_0077 2014-10-18_0078 2014-10-18_00862014-10-18_0079 2014-10-18_0080 2014-10-18_0081 2014-10-18_0082 2014-10-18_0083 2014-10-18_0084 2014-10-18_00852014-10-18_00882014-10-18_00872014-10-18_0090 2014-10-18_0091 2014-10-18_0092 2014-10-18_0093 2014-10-18_0094 2014-10-18_0095 2014-10-18_0096 2014-10-18_0097 2014-10-18_0098 2014-10-18_0099 2014-10-18_0100 2014-10-18_0101 2014-10-18_0102 2014-10-18_0103 2014-10-18_0104 2014-10-18_0105 2014-10-18_0106

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Emily & Paul – Willow tree wedding

Emily and Paul’s wedding was one of the most easy-breezy, low key weddings we’ve shot. Everyone was so excited to be there, so excited to celebrate this amazingly lovely pair.

It was a bit rainy leading up to the ceremony, but of course it all stopped JUST in time, which made for beautiful, soft skies and pretty colours. This all took place at Emily’s dad’s place which is SUCH A DREAM. Greenery everywhere, including an amazing willow tree where these two said their vows.

It was just such a romantic day and night, and we’re so glad we got to be a part of it.



Untitled_349 Untitled_350 Untitled_351 Untitled_352 Untitled_353 Untitled_354 Untitled_355 Untitled_356 Untitled_357 Untitled_358 Untitled_359 Untitled_360 Untitled_361 Untitled_362 Untitled_363 Untitled_364 Untitled_365 Untitled_366 Untitled_367 Untitled_368Untitled_370 Untitled_371

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Untitled_448 Untitled_447 Untitled_446 Untitled_445 Untitled_444 Untitled_432 Untitled_431 Untitled_396Untitled_398

Untitled_437 Untitled_438 Untitled_440 Untitled_439 Untitled_434 Untitled_435 Untitled_436 Untitled_433 Untitled_399 Untitled_400 Untitled_401 Untitled_402 Untitled_403 Untitled_404 Untitled_405 Untitled_406 Untitled_407 Untitled_408 Untitled_409 Untitled_410 Untitled_411 Untitled_412 Untitled_413 Untitled_414 Untitled_415 Untitled_416 Untitled_417 Untitled_418 Untitled_419 Untitled_420 Untitled_421 Untitled_422 Untitled_423 Untitled_424 Untitled_425 Untitled_426Untitled_442Untitled_449 Untitled_450 Untitled_451 Untitled_452

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Amanda & Ian – Toronto Sunset Engagement Shoot

Amanda and Ian are the genuinely kind type – the type who asks us over for pizza after the shoot. Stop. Cutest.

They were super fun-loving and so easy to shoot. Centennial Park is basically their hood, it’s where they go to hang out and take their lil pup for long walks, so it was a no brainer that we head over there for their engagement shoot location. Amanda brought cute props, complete with personalized coke bottles (apparently their friend saw the two bottles with “Amanda” and “Ian” on them sitting directly next to each other at the store so of course IT WAS MEANT TO BE, BUY THE BOTTLES). Ian also has a very serious thing for cupcakes, legitimately somewhat of a cupcake connoisseur, so being the doting wife-to-be that she is, Amanda brought some gourmet cupcakes along too.

Ian was surprised she didn’t bring wine to fill the coffee cups. My kinda gal.

It was a wonderful, easy-going evening and we caught some super pretty light. These two are getting married in Muskoka next week and we simply can’t wait for all the loveliness that day will bring, too.




Untitled_324 Untitled_325 Untitled_326 Untitled_327 Untitled_328 Untitled_329 Untitled_330 Untitled_331 Untitled_332 Untitled_333 Untitled_335 Untitled_334Untitled_340 Untitled_343 Untitled_341 Untitled_342Untitled_347Untitled_339 Untitled_338 Untitled_337 Untitled_336 Untitled_344 Untitled_345Untitled_346



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Leah + Matt | Port Credit Wedding Photography

You can’t talk about Leah and Matt without first mentioning that they first started dating in grade SEVEN! His friend asked her friend if she was interested while they were in gym class and thankfully Leah decided she’d go for it! One of the best parts of their day were all of their pals from middle school – they filled the bridal party and the reception hall and we loved hearing their stories.

Not only are Matt and Leah completely adorable (would you look at those faces!) they were also so easy going and really soaked in the day. (Leah kept walking around the reception pointed out details that her planners had included saying things like “Whoa! – it looks like Pinterest in here!”). And I mean that’s the kind of self-aware, down to earth gal, who also likes pretty things I can relate to.


2014-09-04_0002 2014-09-04_0003 2014-09-04_0004 2014-09-04_0005 2014-09-04_00072014-09-04_00062014-09-04_0008 2014-09-04_0009 2014-09-04_0010 2014-09-04_0011 2014-09-04_0012 2014-09-04_0013 2014-09-04_0014 2014-09-04_0015 2014-09-04_0016 2014-09-04_0017 2014-09-04_0018 2014-09-04_0019 2014-09-04_0020 2014-09-04_0021 2014-09-04_0022 2014-09-04_0023 2014-09-04_0024 2014-09-04_0025 2014-09-04_0026 2014-09-04_0027 2014-09-04_0028 2014-09-04_0029 2014-09-04_0030 2014-09-04_0031 2014-09-04_0032 2014-09-05_00092014-09-05_00072014-09-04_0060

2014-09-04_0033 2014-09-04_0034 2014-09-04_0035 2014-09-04_0036 2014-09-04_0037 2014-09-04_0038 2014-09-04_0039 2014-09-04_0040 2014-09-04_0041 2014-09-04_00462014-09-04_0042 2014-09-04_0043 2014-09-04_0044 2014-09-04_00452014-09-04_0047 2014-09-04_0048 2014-09-04_0049 2014-09-04_00512014-09-04_00502014-09-04_0052 2014-09-04_0053 2014-09-04_0054 2014-09-04_0055 2014-09-04_0056 2014-09-04_0057 2014-09-04_0058 2014-09-04_00592014-09-05_00102014-09-04_0062 2014-09-05_00082014-09-05_0011 2014-09-04_0065 2014-09-04_0066 2014-09-04_0067 2014-09-04_0068 2014-09-04_0069 2014-09-04_0071 2014-09-04_0072 2014-09-04_0073 2014-09-05_0001 2014-09-05_00022014-09-05_00052014-09-05_00032014-09-05_0004

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Lauren & Jeff’s Backyard Wedding – Toronto, Ontario

Lauren and Jeff had the backyard wedding of my dreams, pretty much. Jeff’s parents live at this crazy beautiful place, and it was a no-brainer that Lauren and Jeff would have their wedding here. Jeff’s parents are incredible hosts, and apparently have “summer celebrations yearly”, here AND at their cottage (which I’m sure is just as beautiful).

This house and property held a wedding so well, it was like it was made for it. I was like, “man, you gotta rent this out!”. Seriously, everything from the ceremony (the amount of chairs fit JUST so), the reception tent, and some late night surprise fireworks… this place was happy. And it was perfect.

All of the amazing details… all of the wonderful green and trees and flowers and sunshine… the day went pretty perfectly. All of the guests were so happy and gracious and STYLISH and just glad to be there, celebrating the love of these two. Everyone was so comfortable around each other, it was like it was just another long weekend at the cottage.

We’re so grateful to be able to photography this lovely day and to be there to celebrate.



Untitled_246Untitled_252Untitled_249Untitled_251Untitled_247Untitled_248Untitled_311Untitled_250Untitled_261 Untitled_262 Untitled_264 Untitled_265

Untitled_305 Untitled_304 Untitled_303 Untitled_302 Untitled_294 Untitled_266 Untitled_310 Untitled_309 Untitled_318 Untitled_286 Untitled_254 Untitled_291 Untitled_290 Untitled_270 Untitled_271 Untitled_272 Untitled_273Untitled_320 Untitled_321

Untitled_276 Untitled_275 Untitled_274 Untitled_293 Untitled_292 Untitled_282Untitled_296 Untitled_285 Untitled_317 Untitled_300 Untitled_299 Untitled_316 Untitled_315 Untitled_314 Untitled_306 Untitled_283Untitled_281 Untitled_307 Untitled_280 Untitled_279 Untitled_284 Untitled_285 Untitled_289 Untitled_301 Untitled_288

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Katarina + Daniel | High Park Engagement

Just about the loveliest engagement shoot full of bear hugs and face grabs and suppressed giggles. Late summer just has something special in the air; the light is a little bit more special, a little bit more precious.


2014-08-19_00072014-08-19_00042014-08-19_00052014-08-19_00212014-08-20_00012014-08-19_0014 2014-08-19_00132014-08-19_00152014-08-20_0002 2014-08-19_0016 2014-08-20_00032014-08-19_0017 2014-08-19_00182014-08-19_0019

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Erica + John | Toronto City Hall Brunch Wedding

Erica and I have been friends for about 10 years and best friends probably from about the third day we knew one another. I understand now how rare it is to meet someone that you just click with – instantly on the same page, even when you disagree.  So — suffice it to say that I am ecstatic that she’s found the love of her life and is just about the happiest and most gleeful I have ever seen her.

Erica and John had the most effortlessly cool Wednesday morning brunch wedding. They woke up and walked around the corner to grab coffees (they each saved their loyalty stamp cards to redeem their free one that day, cute) and walked back to their place to get ready. They arrived at city hall with immediate family and after a sweet ceremony we all headed to a neighbourhood cafe for an intimate brunch. By about 1 o’clock they both looked at their watches and realized they had to go! They were off to the airport for their honeymoon in the French Alps. So we finished off our mimosas and squeezed them tightly and they were off. Together.


2014-08-02_00212014-08-02_0001 2014-08-02_0002 2014-08-02_0003 2014-08-02_0006 2014-08-02_0007 2014-08-02_0008 2014-08-02_0009 2014-08-02_0010 2014-08-02_0011 2014-08-02_0012 2014-08-02_0013 2014-08-02_0014 2014-08-02_0015 2014-08-02_0016 2014-08-02_0017 2014-08-02_0018 2014-08-02_00242014-08-02_0022 2014-08-02_00232014-08-02_0025 2014-08-02_0026 2014-08-02_0027 2014-08-02_0028 2014-08-02_0029 2014-08-02_0030 2014-08-02_0031 2014-08-02_0032 2014-08-02_0033 2014-08-02_0034

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Emily + Jeff Maternity Photos

Oh, Emily. This lady has the sweetest soul. I’m not sure that I’ve known anyone as genuinely kind as her.

This shoot is super special to me because Emily and I are pals – we were roommates for three years during university. I was lucky enough to photograph her wedding last year and when she announced she was HAVING A BABY (!!!) I was thrilled because this is going to be one of the best mamas around.

When Emily brought Jeff around during our last year in university, we were all so happy for her. Jeff is wonderfully silly and fun, and he has a pretty good heart, too. I’m pretty proud of these two and I can’t wait to meet their little baby.

I am so excited to continue to document all of the amazing milestones this growing family is going to have in life.



Untitled_210 Untitled_211 Untitled_212 Untitled_213 Untitled_214 Untitled_215 Untitled_216 Untitled_217 Untitled_218 Untitled_219 Untitled_220 Untitled_221 Untitled_222 Untitled_223 Untitled_224 Untitled_227 Untitled_228 Untitled_229 Untitled_230 Untitled_231 Untitled_232 Untitled_233 Untitled_234 Untitled_235 Untitled_236 Untitled_238

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Emily and Paul – Allan Gardens Engagement Shoot

Let’s preface this by saying that Allan Gardens is SO, so gorgeous. It is a dream. A beautiful, beautiful dream.

Emily suggested we shoot here, and YESSS of course. It is amazing. I am making it a personal agenda item for myself to walk around the grounds by myself one day and take it all in. Gorgeous. Amazing. Thank you, Toronto, for this gem.

We quickly took some shots inside of this crazy place, and then ventured on outside onto the grounds. Both were great.

Okay, now to the couple. They are giggly, GOOD LOOKIN’, and (is this creepy of me to say?) wonderfully into each other. My job is made easy when I photograph couples who interact like these two.

It’s called love, people.

Love, a beautiful location, and sunny, summer day. Cheesy but true and I ain’t ashamed to admit it.



Untitled_178 Untitled_179 Untitled_180 Untitled_181 Untitled_182 Untitled_183 Untitled_184 Untitled_185 Untitled_186 Untitled_187 Untitled_205 Untitled_204Untitled_188 Untitled_189 Untitled_190 Untitled_191 Untitled_192 Untitled_193 Untitled_194 Untitled_195 Untitled_196 Untitled_197 Untitled_198 Untitled_199 Untitled_200 Untitled_201 Untitled_202 Untitled_203

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