Toronto City Hall Wedding Photography | Samantha + Nic

Sam and Nic were married in the sweetest ceremony at Toronto City Hall with close friends and family members in attendance. The ceremony was short but still so so special – it actually surprised me how touched I was. I don’t know why I was surprised – I usually tear up at some point every wedding :)

After the ceremony we popped outside for portraits and the two of them were so giddy and full of nervous energy and love. Nic kept laying them on Sam and I kept on snapping!

Sam is a talented graphic artist & overall crafty person and actually hand-stitched (!) all of those teeny little beads on her gorgeous belt that tied her chic ensemble together. She also DIYd her headband and shoes. Also loving her mint tie-ins in her earrings and nails; perfect for an early spring wedding.

I can’t help but grin ear to ear while scrolling through these photos – I hope you enjoy, too.


2014-04-05_00012014-04-05_0003 2014-04-05_0004 2014-04-05_0005 2014-04-05_0006 2014-04-05_0007 2014-04-05_0008 2014-04-05_0009 2014-04-05_0010 2014-04-05_0011 2014-04-05_0014 2014-04-05_0016 2014-04-05_0017 2014-04-05_00182014-04-05_00202014-04-05_00212014-04-05_00222014-04-05_00232014-04-05_00242014-04-05_00252014-04-05_00272014-04-05_00292014-04-05_00322014-04-05_00332014-04-05_00342014-04-05_00352014-04-05_00362014-04-05_00382014-04-05_00442014-04-05_00372014-04-05_00192014-04-05_00412014-04-05_0040 2014-04-05_0042

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Amanda + Morgan – Badlands Styled Engagement Shoot

We teamed up with another amazing group of vendors for this photoshoot but this time decided the subject of the shoot would be one of our amazing couples and Amanda and Morgan luckily obliged.

I came across this area in north Caledon known as “the badlands” and kept rolling it around in my head; I knew there was something so unique and also simple about this location. The red cracked earth and the sunken gully create the most striking back drop for this engagement shoot. We used the scene as a springboard and layered on succulents and berries and florals in tobacco tins.

During the planning we also met with Amanda and Morgan and added in some of them, too;  we wanted elements of their lives together and so we included red wine,  Amanda’s collection of Tiffany boxes (mostly gifts from Morgan), and their mutual love of good food and dining al fresco. They love to go up to the rooftop of their condo building and share a glass of wine or a meal — so we brought this lovely intimate experience to the “desert”.

Amanda and Morgan have been together for over 11 years and are getting married this fall. They know one another’s ebb and flow so well and are so in love. They were complete natural rockstars in front of the camera – natural…but also not afraid to work it a bit too.

Working with the other wonderfully talented and amazing ladies on this project and being able to envision a scene and see it come to life is one are two of the absolute best parts of what we do. Working and having fun with couples like Amanda and Morgan is the best icing on the cake.

Floral Design: Blush and Bloom | Hair and Makeup: Ashley Readings Hair and Makeup | Furniture Rental: Happily Ever After Events | I Heart Today Print: SSPrintshop | Stylist:Ashley Lindzon Events









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Lauren + Jeff | Winter Engagement Shoot | Hamilton, Ontario

Lauren, Jeff and I braved some bitter cold and icy bridges for a wintery engagement shoot that we already had to cancel a few months prior because of the silly, unpredictable weather. After crazy ice storms and polar vortexs (oh?) I’m so happy that we were able to get some snow-y shots for these guys.

We started off with a little picnic session, complete with a bottle of red (my kind of people), and then ventured off into a super pretty park complete with waterfalls and lovely trees.

Jeff, you’re a loving, genuine gentleman, and Lauren, you’re a straight babe who rocked the cam like nobody’s business.



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Farewell 2013

Whew! Another year, folks.

We have been so, so lucky with amazing brides and grooms this year.

Thank you for trusting us, for having us be with you every step of the way on your wedding day, and giving us the incredibly special opportunity to create concrete memories for your and your family, for generations down the line.

While we can’t wait for all of the good stuff that we know 2014 will bring, we’re sharing a few of our most treasured shots from 2013.



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Wedding Photography Frequently Asked Questions


You’re getting married, and you have a ton of questions about wedding photography. We don’t blame you, and you’re not alone.

Over the years, we’ve had some brides and grooms come to us with lists of questions. Questions that were kind of passed down to them from friends who have recently gotten married, friends or family who are in the wedding photography biz, etc etc.

Alas, here we have 3Photography’s master, Big Daddy, all-of-the wedding photography-questions-under-the-sun FAQ list.

How long is the engagement session?
The engagement shoot is typically an hour to an hour and a half. We can shoot up to two different locations, and usually end the shoot when we all feel like we have enough variety of shots – this usually happens within an hour and a half. We also wrote a blog post to explain the entire engagement shoot process, you can find it here.

Can we request certain shots for the engagement shoot?

How many weddings do you shoot a year?
We shoot around 15-20 weddings a year, each. We do not take more than 20.

What do you love most about shooting weddings?
We love having the ability to capture special moments that will last forever – that will be passed down generations and generations. Moments that will create a narrative of your family history. You can read a little bit more about us and our story here.

How long have you both been in the business?
3Photography has been in business for about 5 years. Prior to owning our own business, we second shot and assisted with other wedding photographers to learn the business.

What is back up plan if ill or equipment failure?
Myself and my second shooter bring two camera bodies each in case of equipment failure. If either Michelle or Jaclyn is sick, the other would step forward as the principle shooter.

(It has never happened that our equipment has failed, or that we were unable to shoot a wedding due to sickness… pretty good five-year record! :)

What is turnaround time for proofs?
As outlined in the contract, your photos will be released to you within 2 months of the wedding.

What is process post wedding (do you give proofs online or hard copies)?
We actually don’t go the proofs route at all. Every package includes a DVD/USB of high-resolution, non-watermarked, individually edited photos. For 10 hours of coverage, for example, you’ll receive 400-600 photos.

What sort of touch ups do you do?
We process our photos through Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. We edit with filters for colour and tone. The edits and style of photos that you see on our blog and portfolio is what will be delivered to you. We believe in realistic editing, but, if someone has a huge zit on their forehead on the day of the wedding, we’ll be sure to edit that out!

Can you customize packages (say if we wanted 13 hours of photography)? Do you charge per hour)?
Sure! All of our packages are customizable. $250/hr (both photographers included) if you’d like to add an hour.

What is the payment policy?
We require a 30% deposit to secure your date (cash, cheque, e-mail money transfer). The remainder is due on or before the wedding day.

Who has rights over the photos?
You have rights to do whatever you’d like with your photos, for your own personal use. We own the copyright. This is so that essentially you wouldn’t be able to take a photo I took of you in your dress (for example) and sell it to the dress designer to use in an advertisement.


Have another question? Ask away!

If the answers above seem reasonable enough, send us a quick hello and we’ll set up a coffee date to chat a little bit more in detail about your wedding.

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Toronto Distillery District Wedding Photography | Dominique & Mike

This pair were married in Toronto’s Distillery District, right in the middle of the Christmas Market!They met nearly 7 years ago in the Dominican while on vacation with each of their respective sets of friends and never looked back. Dominique packed her bags and moved from Ottawa to come to Toronto a year later and now the two live together and are even expecting their first baby!

edit: Dominique just sent me the sweetest note and added “The Distillery is really a special place for us as that’s where we had our first date on Canadian soil, celebrated my 30th with friends and now got married.” Adorable!! Moving on. 

They were both troopers in the chilly weather and we were able to stay outside for portraits and we walked through the market a bit too!

The ceremony and reception were so elegant and the venue, Airship 37, was perfect! Melissa Baum and her team made the space transform from ceremony to reception, and top it all off with gorgeous seasonal florals from Blush and Bloom.

2013-12-14_0001 2013-12-14_0003 2013-12-14_0004 2013-12-14_00092013-12-14_0002 2013-12-14_0006 2013-12-14_0007 2013-12-14_0010 2013-12-14_0011 2013-12-14_0012 2013-12-14_0013 2013-12-14_0014 2013-12-14_0015 2013-12-14_0008 2013-12-14_00052013-12-14_0004 2013-12-14_00182013-12-14_00192013-12-14_0016 2013-12-14_00172013-12-14_0020 2013-12-14_0021 2013-12-14_0022 2013-12-14_0023 2013-12-14_0080 2013-12-14_00252013-12-14_00272013-12-14_00262013-12-14_00292013-12-14_0030 2013-12-14_0031 2013-12-14_0032 2013-12-14_00332013-12-14_0028

2013-12-14_0034 2013-12-14_0035 2013-12-14_0036 2013-12-14_0037 2013-12-14_0039 2013-12-14_0038 2013-12-14_0065 2013-12-14_0040 2013-12-14_0041 2013-12-14_0042 2013-12-14_0051 2013-12-14_0067 2013-12-14_0050 2013-12-14_0045 2013-12-14_0047 2013-12-14_0048 2013-12-14_0066 2013-12-14_0046 2013-12-14_0068 2013-12-14_0052 2013-12-14_0053 2013-12-14_0054 2013-12-14_0055 2013-12-14_0072 2013-12-14_0056 2013-12-14_0057 2013-12-14_0058 2013-12-14_0059 2013-12-14_0060 2013-12-14_0063 2013-12-14_0064 2013-12-14_0074 2013-12-14_0075 2013-12-14_0082 2013-12-14_0083 2013-12-14_0084 2013-12-14_0087 2013-12-14_0043 2013-12-14_0076 2013-12-14_0069 2013-12-14_0089 2013-12-14_0091 2013-12-14_0092 2013-12-14_0093 2013-12-14_0090 2013-12-14_0096 2013-12-14_0103 2013-12-14_0104 2013-12-14_0105 2013-12-14_0107 2013-12-14_0108 2013-12-14_0109


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Anne Marie + Markus | Langdon Hall Wedding Photographer

Ann Marie and Markus got married late in the Summer at Langdon Hall. Love, love, loved this place! It felt like we were transported to another country, far away from loud city noises and distractions. Langdon Hall was so quaint and beautiful, there were no shortages of pretty backdrops for photos.

This couple had the cutest, most fun families. I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun taking family portraits. They were so silly! I loved it.

I loved the chic, classic vibe of this primarily outdoor wedding.


Toronto Wedding PhotographerToronto Wedding PhotographerLangdon Hall Wedding PhotographyLangdon Hall Wedding PhotographerToronto Wedding PhotographerToronto Wedding PhotographerToronto Wedding PhotographerLangdon Hall Wedding PhotographyLangdon Hall Wedding PhotographyToronto Wedding PhotographerToronto Wedding PhotographerToronto Wedding PhotographerLangdon Hall Wedding PhotographerToronto Wedding PhotographerLangdon Hall Wedding PhotographyToronto Wedding Photographer16Langdon Hall Wedding Photography18Toronto Wedding PhotographerToronto Wedding PhotographerToronto Wedding Photographer

Langdon Hall Wedding Photographer23

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Toronto Island Engagement Photography | Dominique + Mike

Dominique, Mike, and I met on a blustery day in November to take the ferry across to Toronto Island for their shoot. When we were brainstorming ideas Dominique mentioned that she wasn’t crazy about a million props or something feeling really different from who they were or how they interacted with each other – since the entire point of an engagement shoot it to capture the two of your as a couple we don’t want you to feel like we’re setting you in a scene that’s stuffy or not at all who you are. But of course, after all, these are photographs so it’s important to pay attention to small details including texture or layers in your wardrobe or something to interact with. I brought some cozy Hudson’s Bay blankets because who doesn’t bring towels to the beach?! The blankets helped to create that authentic Canadian feel  while we explored Ward’s Island and they also came in handy while we tried to keep warm!

These two are getting married in under a month!! I’m so excited for their December wedding and to work alongside Melissa Baum Events – what a treat!

2013-11-20_00012013-11-20_00212013-11-20_00222013-11-20_0003 2013-11-20_0004 2013-11-20_0006 2013-11-20_0007 2013-11-20_00082013-11-20_00102013-11-20_0009 2013-11-20_0011 2013-11-20_00122013-11-20_00152013-11-20_00162013-11-20_00182013-11-20_00132013-11-20_0019 2013-11-20_0020


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Leah + Matt | Mississauga Wedding Photography

Leah and Matt met when they were in GRADE SEVEN! When I asked them how long they’d been together they sort of hmm’d and haww’d and said they thought something like 14 or 15 years or so!?! I was floored and definitely impressed! We commiserated on having relatives ask us when we’re getting married what seems like every. second. of. every. day; been there, bought the postcard – I get it ;)

These two were so fun, we hunted around for the perfect spots and the perfect light and boy did our work pay off. I’m photographing their wedding alongside uber cutie patootie planners and stylists from Ephra Event Design and I couldn’t be more excited to see what they come up with along with this stylish couple.


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Birthday Party Styled by Tiffany Pratt

We had the opportunity to photograph this kids’ birthday party for an hour or two which was styled by none other than Tiffany Pratt who is not only a talented wedding stylist but also so authentic and genuine; qualities that we appreciate.

Tiffany went back to her roots for this party — one that I would have died for as a creative and nerdy kid!

2013-10-06_0004 2013-10-06_0005 2013-10-06_0006 2013-10-06_0007 2013-10-06_0008 2013-10-06_00092013-10-06_0011 2013-10-06_00102013-10-06_0012 2013-10-06_0013 2013-10-06_00142013-10-06_00232013-10-06_00202013-10-06_00222013-10-06_00182013-10-06_0017

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