What an easygoing, relaxed engagement shoot this was.

Early on in the consultation days, Kate commented positively on the tote bag I brought along which was littered with pictures of cats all over it. Needless to say, I knew her and I kinda had a thing from the get-go. She liked my cat bag.

Back to the couple.

These guys, so cute. We started off at the Distillery District, where there was a food festival going on that we didn’t know about. There were lots of people and lots of eats. It was a fun environment. We even let Steve have a beer.

For a softer, greener vibe, we headed to U of T where Steve just had his commencement a few days earlier. He’s a doctor now. No big deal.

I can honestly say that I’m super excited for their wedding coming up. Kate is a Super Planner and I can’t wait to see everything she’s planned and visualized for her wedding.

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