Choosing a wedding photographer can feel daunting. How do I know what to look for? Am I asking the right questions? What am I missing? 

Here’s a list of questions you should ask yourself and your wedding photographer while you’re looking around. 

1. Do I like the photos? 

It’s simple, right? It might feel like there should be more to it, but there isn’t. Do I feel something when I look at these photos and is this how I want my photos to look. Within this there are some other things to consider, for example:

– Are you looking at photos from events similar to yours? A certain photographers style might look different in a different setting. It’s important to envision your wedding and your choices within that photographer’s style

– Does my partner like this photographer’s photos? While one of you may be taking the lead on the administrative side of booking a wedding photographer, both of you should take a minute to look through some galleries and give the go ahead.

2. Is this photographer in my budget? 

Underpinning all wedding decisions is that pesky budget. Wedding photography packages and pricing can vary greatly and it’s important to be able to sleep at night with the decision you’ve made. Having said that sometimes things change and maybe the initial amount you had allocated for photography isn’t cutting it. In that case go back to the guest list, decor, accessories etc and see what can be shifted. 

3. Am I happy with how the photos are delivered after the wedding?

Ensure this is spelled out clearly. Are you getting hi-resolution images? Is it a finite set of images or pretty much everything? Do your images come edited? There are definitely best practices around this and the industry is becoming more standardized but it’s an important piece of information to gather prior to booking.

4. Do we mesh well with the photographer? 

Photography is different from other vendors. You may never see some on your wedding day like your florist or caterer but wedding photographers and couples hang out ALL day, on one of the most important days in your lfie. And most of all, your photographer should be someone you feel comfortable around to ensure your photos look natural. 

That’s it! Nothing super complicated, don’t over think it too much 😉 

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