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Erica and I have been friends for about 10 years and best friends probably from about the third day we knew one another. I understand now how rare it is to meet someone that you just click with – instantly on the same page, even when you disagree. ┬áSo — suffice it to say that I am ecstatic that she’s found the love of her life and is just about the happiest and most gleeful I have ever seen her.

Erica and John had the most effortlessly cool Wednesday morning brunch wedding. They woke up and walked around the corner to grab coffees (they each saved their loyalty stamp cards to redeem their free one that day, cute) and walked back to their place to get ready. They arrived at city hall with immediate family and after a sweet ceremony we all headed to a neighbourhood cafe for an intimate brunch. By about 1 o’clock they both looked at their watches and realized they had to go! They were off to the airport for their honeymoon in the French Alps. So we finished off our mimosas and squeezed them tightly and they were off. Together.

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