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Lauren and Jeff had the backyard wedding of my dreams, pretty much. Jeff’s parents live at this crazy beautiful place, and it was a no-brainer that Lauren and Jeff would have their wedding here. Jeff’s parents are incredible hosts, and apparently have “summer celebrations yearly”, here AND at their cottage (which I’m sure is just as beautiful).

This house and property held a wedding so well, it was like it was made for it. I was like, “man, you gotta rent this out!”. Seriously, everything from the ceremony (the amount of chairs fit JUST so), the reception tent, and some late night surprise fireworks… this place was happy. And it was perfect.

All of the amazing details… all of the wonderful green and trees and flowers and sunshine… the day went pretty perfectly. All of the guests were so happy and gracious and STYLISH and just glad to be there, celebrating the love of these two. Everyone was so comfortable around each other, it was like it was just another long weekend at the cottage.

We’re so grateful to be able to photography this lovely day and to be there to celebrate.



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