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Jessica was my roommate during my first year of university, and my house mate for the following three years of my undergrad. We always talk about how freakishly lucky it was that we were randomly paired together in first year. Jess is still one of my best friends, and the corny part of me believes that with everything that we’ve taught eachother, and with all the experiences we’ve shared together, we were meant-t0-be roomies.

Jess’ mom, Teri, who throughout the years has consistently been so supportive, kind, and welcoming, explained that her and Mike were getting married, and that they’d like me to photograph their wedding. I’d lie if I said I didn’t shed a little tear. I obviously felt really connected to this special wedding already.

Their wedding was in the winter, and it was equally as beautiful as it was cold. Teri’s bridesmaids were her two daughters, and Mike’s groomsmen were his two sons. Perfect, right? The new family was so much fun to photograph, and their humour and relaxed vibe made the entire day go by with such enjoyment and ease.