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I had the honor of photographing Becca and Bruce’s beautiful wedding, and let me tell you, it was a day to remember! The setting at Donalda Golf Club in Toronto was just stunning.

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R.C. Harris Bridal Party Wedding Photos

The grandeur of the RC Harris water treatment plant provided a stunning backdrop for their pre-wedding shots—a place close to their hearts, where they often walk with their beloved pup. It made for a grand backdrop for their couple and bridal party photos.

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Donalda Golf Club Ceremony

The setting at the Donalda Golf Club in Toronto was such a treat to photograph, the outdoor ceremony was simply magical with its perfectly tended gardens flanking the sides of the ceremony it felt like walking into a secret fairy garden.

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Donalda Golf Club Family Photos

The family portraits were in the coziest nook, ivy covered walls, old stone chimneys. Big time swoon. And one of my favourite photos of the day, sweet Becca heading inside for a drink of water when I called for her to turn to me. I love the framing in the doorway. The stillness and the hustle and bustle happening just outside the frame.

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Donalda Golf Club Bridal Party Photos

The Donalda Club interior is almost as stunning as the outside. It’s really giving old Toronto Golf Club with panelled interiors and antique light fixtures. The perfect spot for some formal-meets-casual (that’s a thing right?) bridal party photos.

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Donalda Golf Club Reception

And, oh, the cozy portraits! We snuck out during dinner for some romantic shots on the golf course. The love between them was just so palpable, making those photos something truly special.

Overall, it was a day filled with love, laughter, and some incredible moments. Being part of Becca and Bruce’s big day was an absolute pleasure, and capturing their love story was an honor. Cheers to the newlyweds! 🥂💍✨

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During the heartfelt speeches, their friends and family shared stories about how Becca and Bruce are the glue that holds their friend group together. It was touching to hear how cherished they are by everyone.

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