Scarborough Bluffs Engagement

Kimberly and Chris and I struuuuggled to find a place and time for this shoot before finally landing on this gorgeous Scarborough Bluffs Engagement. First we were aiming for Toronto Island and then the insane rainfall this spring meant that access to the entire island was closed for months and maybe longer! Then we set our sights on Scarborough Bluffs for this engagement shoot and then – you guessed it – also flooded. We’d reschedule based on when it was supposed to reopen and it would inevitably rain like crazy and we’d postpone and so on. So finally our patience paid off in spades with a beautiful night (sandwiched in between two days of rain but we’ll take it).

Chris and Kim were giggly and flirty with one another and Chris had this move where they would be holding hands and he’d swing both of their hands around so he had his arm around her and got all snuggly. The best.

We picked a day in the middle of the week and we snuck around to this gorgeous basically uninhabited oasis and had (almost 😉 free reign of the entire beach. 

The Manor Wedding Photos

These guys got married late in September on a super warm and sunny Saturday. We were also able to squeak out during dinner and grab some amazing and chill sunset portraits while we hopped around The Manor. Sunset portraits are always wonderful because generally the light is the prettiest and most flattering but more than that alllll of the stress of the wedding is off – the day has gone off without a hitch and the couple are pumped to have some time alone together to chat and smooch. So they look more relaxed, more like themselves, and more in love 🙂

Meaghan and Shawn are probably the most positive people I have ever met. They were both in every moment and know how to appreciate the little things. She’s always talking about how everything is amazing and the best and awesome. But she really MEANS it, it’s never hyperbole.

So as with other things and relationships in her life Meaghan is truly head-over-heals for Shawn and was straight pumped to be married, not just to have a wedding. Going through these photos you can see and feel the love from the rest of their people too. Long hugs and tears sneaking out through the corners of their friends and families’ eyes – these are the moments we feel so, so lucky to be able to capture for our sweet couples.


Gladstone Hotel Wedding

Caitlin and Brandon had a lovely winter Gladstone Hotel wedding. They got ready in their apartment in the Distillery District on a chilly (but snow-less!) day in February with their puppies. After, we went for a stroll and a coffee before heading to the Gladstone Hotel for their ceremony.

Their wedding was very Toronto focused. We were able to take photos in the Distillery District and then travelled across the city to Parkdale and West Queen West to the Gladstone Hotel too. They were staying at the hotel overnight so we had full run of the place – including time for some snuggles on their bed! They also had a focus on local vendors from her jewelry to their caterer.

The soft winter light was amazing and on the way into the reception venue I kind of lost my mind at the very pretty early evening sunset so we hung back outside in the chilly weather for a couple of lovely portraits before heading inside to see the transformation of their reception space.


Distillery District Engagement Photos

These two had their heart set on Distillery District engagement photos in Toronto from the get-go, so to the Distillery we went! It was so easy to document the love between these two because googly eyes, googly eyes, googly eyes.

Thanks for being so in love and making my job easy, guys.


Royal Botanical Gardens Wedding Photos

Sarah and Anand are a) gorgeous but also b) super trusting and fun-loving and just were ready to have a good time. We were able to spend a while on their portraits – gallivanting around Burlington’s Royal Botannical Gardens and the late October/rainy moody day made for amazing photo opportunities everywhere we looked. This fall was very warm so those insanely beautiful roses were still in bloom, but then we’d turn around and the bright fall oranges blew our socks off too. Seriously those portraits of Anand in front of the amazing leaves? Yaaaaap!

This smartie-pants couple knew that the odds were good that the weather might not cooperate and booked inside the greenhouses at the Royal Botanical Gardens too. Luckily the weather was suuuper gorgeous but that meant we had more places to play.

They had a fairly long ceremony but we made our way to portraits right after and I think it was just what they needed to decompress and talk about their mornings, kind of my favourite part of photo sessions on a wedding day is that it allows the couple to chat and actually BE together on their day – plus we get the capture all of that excitement and energy too 🙂

Fall Engagement Shoot at the Scarborough Bluffs

November was a tricky one because the feeling of WINTER DREAD was a little crushing, but the sunsets were so so beautiful. We ended up having our fair share of engagement shoots this past November, and we could not have lucked out better with the weather. I think this shoot was mid-November and there were no need for coats, there was still green on the trees and we were some of the only ones at the Bluffs.

Jenna and Ian have been so lovely and trusting during this entire process, which has made everything go so smoothly. They’re getting married this April and I couldn’t be more thrilled get to be the one behind the lens.


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