Aga Khan Museum Engagement

The Aga Khan Museum is a gorgeous location for engagement photos and Samantha and Andres are also absolutely gorgeous humans. The simple, modern architecture really appealed to them and I was pumped about photographing them here. The incredible lavender was such an amazing bonus so we really got a great mix of moods which I love getting from a location.

We started the evening by getting kicked out of said lavender #oops. But it was smooth sailing afterwards and these two were so giggly that you can barely contain a smile as you scroll through their photos amirite?

The kindest people, super gorgeous and super in love. We basically hung out for an evening and had the best time (even including getting yelled at by security;) and I’m extra excited for their Toronto wedding in just over a year!

Toronto Beach Engagement

This lovely Toronto beach engagement isΒ one of those engagement shoots that I look back on in the dead of winter and think – how is it possible that it was ever that warm and pleasant? We took our shoes off and walked through the sand splashing in the beach and it really felt like bonafide summer.

Catherine and Eric were amazing and are so in love. Catherine has sm-eyezing down pat so she and I had some fun playing together. We bonded over our love for travel – they got engaged in Hawaii and I’ve always wanted to go there – and they’re going on a Mediterranean cruise on their honeymoon which gave me an instant pasta craving — very jealous!

So, this location was kind of perfect for these two – other than being gorgeous it kind of feels like a mini vacation for a few hours. As we walked away we kept marvelling how crazy it is that this lovely place exists in Toronto!

Peter Pan Bistro Wedding

Julie and Luciano had the best out of the box Peter Pan Bistro wedding on Queen St. in Toronto – all because they made sure to do one thing: exactly what they wanted! With Blush and Bowties at the helm, they held the sweetest brunch wedding complete with waffle cake and syrup-pouring in lieu of a cake-cutting. Their guests LOVED this detail and got very into the pouring and many of them came back for seconds of waffles! Everyone was so excited for these two. Plus the combination of the mimosas, food, gorgeous ceremony location and decor made everyone giddy – which was so fun.

During the ceremony the officiant had the guests holler and clap for Julie as she made her way down the aisle and look at that reaction from her, just the best with her dad on her arm and that smile from ear to ear!

After the ceremony and delicious meal we headed out for leisurely portraits since we didn’t have to hurry back for anything which was kinda of a weird feeling for a wedding day but very welcome – Julie and Luciano re-lived their day to one another and let it sink in that they were husband and wife. Thanks for such an amazing day you two!

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