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Oh, Jaclyn and Tyler! These two! Well gosh let’s start with the fact that they woke up at 5am for this engagement shoot…talk about dedicated. Jaclyn and Tyler are so special because they’re so easy going and in love but ALSO super rad and full of amazing ideas and talent. Jaclyn hand-made the flowers in that bouquet…! She hand paints, rolls, colours each individual petal and assembles them all into a flower. Like I said, pretty special.

While we were chatting about their engagement shoot they casually mentioned that maybe High Park during cherry blossom season would be nice and then as the week approached I started thinking that maybe we should do something to make this extra special.

So we landed on a romantic sunrise engagement shoot in order to beat the crowds and catch the sun (we hoped) but instead we were greeted with this incredible fog. We love how the lace teepee pops against the dreamy backdrop – photographing a couple as natural and beautiful as these two doesn’t hurt, either!

Floral crown by our pals at Blush and Bloom

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