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When one of your own gets married, you go balls to the walls.

In the early stages of wedding planning, Michelle had originally wanted to get married at Andrew’s (her then fiancé) family cottage. Logistically though, that wasn’t going to work out.

So when my sister’s best friend and I started bachelorette party scheming, we went full force cottage. We had fun planning and sourcing the details and decor, featuring the beer that’s always at the cottage, a puzzle of the couple themselves (necessary), wood anything, fish paraphernalia we never knew existed but so happy that it did and her favourite cottage snacks (guac, cookies, smores).

We sort of surprised her- she knew something was going down, but we had her with the cottage theme ;). After we all downed some watermelon sangria, we chatted, played silly games, ate a lot and danced to the same few songs over and over.

This has been such a fun time in our lives, and I can’t believe this party and the wedding itself is already behind us.


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