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Our Style

Our style is a mix of romantic, candid, and fun. We love catching subtle glances or giant belly laughs, but we also love to work with our brides to help set a scene or a fabulously stylized image too!
All of our packages include two photographers to better document your day, you’ll be guaranteed either Jaclyn or Michelle and one of our talented second shooters.

Interested In Booking? Here are the next steps:

1. Say Hello

Shoot us a message and let us know a little bit about your wedding. We will get back to you within 24 hours, and if we’re still available for your date we’ll set up a consultation within two weeks.

2. Consultation

We keep these meetings quite casual, and pick a location that’s convenient for all of us. During the consultation we’ll go over the details and schedule of your day, choose a package that works best, and discuss what it is that you want out of the photography for your day. It’s also the time when you can grill us with any questions you may have! You’ll go home leaving the consultation with our Welcome Pack which includes a contract and other fun info for you to look over as you make your decision.

3. Booking

You decide to book! Fantastic. Booking goes a little something like this: e-mail us to let us know, we e-mail you back with a filled out contract, you sign it and send it back along with a 30% deposit. Boom!

4. Pre Engagement Shoot

You’re not quite done with us yet. After you book, we stay in touch. We discuss where and when you’d like to have your e-shoot. If you know exactly where you want to take the engagement shoot, that’s great. If you’re stumped, we’ll help you pick a good spot. We’re very flexible when picking a time to schedule the shoot – it can be 6 months or 2 weeks before your wedding date, doesn’t matter to us!

5. Engagement shoot

Engagement shoots are great because they are so stress free. It’s an opportunity for us to get to know each other better, and for you to get used to having a big camera in front of your face. Bonus: all of our packages (hyperlink) include an engagement session. You can read a little bit more about engagement shoots work here.

6. Pre Wedding

Still not done with us. If you don’t have a wedding planner, your photographer is essentially the next best thing. We are basically with you every step of the way. If your schedule changes a little bit, if you see a certain vision for your day, let us know and we’ll help walk you through it. Since we’re with you during the entire day, we are super involved and help the day go smoothly and on schedule to the best of our ability.

7. The Wedding

After steps 1-6, the big guy is finally here. The wedding. We arrive at the start-time we agreed upon, camera bags backed, memory cards charged, creative juice’s flowin’. We’re shooting non-stop throughout the day, focusing on a blend of both candid and posed shots.

8. After the Wedding

We hit the editing room. We delete “testing the light” photos, photos of people sneezing, etc, and essentially hand you the rest. It can be anywhere from 300-700 photos depending on hours of coverage. As promised in the contract, we deliver your USB with high-resolution, individually edited, non watermarked photos within 2 months of the wedding. You can take that USB and print with us, but you’re not obligated to.

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