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Kimberly and Chris and I struuuuggled to find a place and time for this shoot before finally landing on this gorgeous Scarborough Bluffs Engagement. First we were aiming for Toronto Island and then the insane rainfall this spring meant that access to the entire island was closed for months and maybe longer! Then we set our sights on Scarborough Bluffs for this engagement shoot and then – you guessed it – also flooded. We’d reschedule based on when it was supposed to reopen and it would inevitably rain like crazy and we’d postpone and so on. So finally our patience paid off in spades with a beautiful night (sandwiched in between two days of rain but we’ll take it).

Chris and Kim were giggly and flirty with one another and Chris had this move where they would be holding hands and he’d swing both of their hands around so he had his arm around her and got all snuggly. The best.

We picked a day in the middle of the week and we snuck around to this gorgeous basically uninhabited oasis and had (almost 😉 free reign of the entire beach.