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Right in between Toronto and Hamilton, charming Cave Springs Winery was the beautiful setting for Alex and Ryan’s wedding. The vineyard served as the backdrop to such a wonderful day that exuded timeless elegence. The ceremony was on top of a small hill over looking the vineyards stretching out for as far as you could see.

They both got ready on site in stunning manor estates with wood panelling detail and classic white florals and navy blue accents.

The textural white flowers were sunning and the navy blue accents brought depth and formality. We LOVED the bow motif that appeared unexpectedly yet tastefully throughout. Alex’s stunning dress featured a bow at the back, a delightful surprise as she turned to say her vows. This motif extended to the wedding invitations and place settings, adding a playful twist to the classic theme.

As the sun began to set, we seized the opportunity for sunset portraits. Against the backdrop of the fading sun, they shared intimate moments, and were able to take in the party happening in the venue off in the distance while they held one another and giggled and joked.

We absolutely loved Cave Spring Winery was a testament to the enduring appeal of timeless details. Classic yet fresh, it celebrated simplicity and the joy of unexpected touches. As the stars emerged in the evening sky, the memory of this wedding remained deeply etched in the hearts of all who were part of this beautiful day.