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Amanda and Ian are the genuinely kind type – the type who asks us over for pizza after the shoot. Stop. Cutest.

They were super fun-loving and so easy to shoot. Centennial Park is basically their hood, it’s where they go to hang out and take their lil pup for long walks, so it was a no brainer that we head over there for their engagement shoot location. Amanda brought cute props, complete with personalized coke bottles (apparently their friend saw the two bottles with “Amanda” and “Ian” on them sitting directly next to each other at the store so of course IT WAS MEANT TO BE, BUY THE BOTTLES). Ian also has a very serious thing for cupcakes, legitimately somewhat of a cupcake connoisseur, so being the doting wife-to-be that she is, Amanda brought some gourmet cupcakes along too.

Ian was surprised she didn’t bring wine to fill the coffee cups. My kinda gal.

It was a wonderful, easy-going evening and we caught some super pretty light. These two are getting married in Muskoka next week and we simply can’t wait for all the loveliness that day will bring, too.




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