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Amidst the whirlwind of wedding preparations, one crucial aspect that often emerges as a potential stressor is the family photo session. Orchestrating these shots can be challenging, given the limited time and the myriad of personalities involved. With careful planning and a comprehensive family photo shot list, you can navigate this part of your wedding day with ease and joy.

Why a Family Photo Shot List Matters:

Firstly, let’s acknowledge the importance of family photos. These treasured snapshots encapsulate the essence of your special day, immortalizing your closest relationships. Your family photo album will be a cherished keepsake, filled with love, laughter, and memories. Crafting a detailed shot list ensures that you capture every significant moment with your loved ones, leaving no room for regrets.

Steps to Create Your Family Photo Shot List:

  1. Categorize: Organize your list into categories or groups. Consider groupings like immediate family, extended family, friends, and special groups like college buddies or work colleagues.
  2. Be Specific: For each group, be explicit in listing out the individuals involved and list out each individual photo. For instance: Bride + Parents won’t get you a photo with just the Bride and her Mom, so if that photo is important be sure to list it out as a second group.
  3. Prioritize: The hardest part! Determine which groupings are absolute must-haves for you HINT: ask yourself if SOMEONE is going to print this photo. Maybe a photo of all of the cousins is important to grandma and she’s going to print it – great, we should take it! If no one is going to print it and it will sit on a hard drive, we can probably skip it.
  4. Organize: If possible organize with these groups first to help your guests enjoy their experience at your wedding
    • small children (short attention spans!)
    • and anyone who may just tired easily or have mobility issues
  5. Communicate: Share your finalized shot list with your photographer well before the wedding day. Discuss logistics and set expectations to ensure a smooth process.
  6. Appoint Helpers: Designate a family member or friend who knows both sides of the family well. This person can assist in rounding up individuals for each photo, helping your photographer immensely.
  7. Allocate Time: Factor in enough time for the family photo session within your wedding day schedule. A well-planned timeline prevents unnecessary stress and rush.

Sample Family Photo Shot List:

  1. Bride with Mom+Dad
  2. Bride with Mom
  3. Bride with Dad
  4. Bride with Siblings
  5. Bride with Siblings and Mom+Dad
  6. Groom with Mom+Dad
  7. Groom with Mom
  8. Groom with Dad
  9. Groom with Siblings
  10. Groom with Siblings and Mom+Dad

These 10 photos are only about 8 people! But can you imagine not getting a photo with just you and your mom!? And of course every family (truly every single one) has different family dynamics and different needs so it’s so important to do all of this thinking before the pressure of the wedding day when you’re thinking straight and when family members aren’t staring at you for direction. Unexpected hiccups may occur, but with a well-prepared family photo shot list, you’ll glide through this part of your wedding day effortlessly.