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Let’s preface this by saying that Allan Gardens is SO, so gorgeous. It is a dream. A beautiful, beautiful dream.

Emily suggested we shoot here, and YESSS of course. It is amazing. I am making it a personal agenda item for myself to walk around the grounds by myself one day and take it all in. Gorgeous. Amazing. Thank you, Toronto, for this gem.

We quickly took some shots inside of this crazy place, and then ventured on outside onto the grounds. Both were great.

Okay, now to the couple. They are giggly, GOOD LOOKIN’, and (is this creepy of me to say?) wonderfully into each other. My job is made easy when I photograph couples who interact like these two.

It’s called love, people.

Love, a beautiful location, and sunny, summer day. Cheesy but true and I ain’t ashamed to admit it.



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