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Are you vaccinated against COVID-19?
Yes, our team is very happily fully vaccinated.

How would you describe your shooting style?
Romantic, candid, and fun. Read more about that here.

Do you edit each photo that you deliver? What does that process involve?
We process our photos through Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. We edit with filters for colour and tone. The edits and style of photos that you see on our blog and portfolio is what will be delivered to you. We believe in realistic editing, but, if someone has a huge zit on their forehead on the day of the wedding, we’ll be sure to edit that out 😉

How long have you been in the business?
We’ve been in business for about 10 years. Prior to owning our own business, we second shot and assisted with other wedding photographers to learn the crazy world of wedding photography. We learned a lot without the pressure.

What’s your favourite part about photographing weddings?
We love having the ability to capture special moments that will last forever, memories that will literally be passed down generations, and that will create a narrative of your family history. You can read a little bit more about us and our story here.

Do you require a deposit to book?
A 30% deposit to secure your date, and the remainder is due a week before the wedding day.

Which photographer will be there on the day?
Michelle or Jaclyn will be with you on the wedding day, as well as one of our talented second shooters.

Is there a back-up plan in case of equipment failure, of if you’re unable to attend the wedding because of illness?
We bring back up equipment (camera bodies and lenses). If the principle shooters are unable to attend for any unforeseen reason, our back up shooters will take our place.

How many photos do I get? Are they edited?
We are shooting constantly throughout the day. The amount of photos you receive depends on a variety of factors including: travel time (how long it takes for everyone to get from the ceremony site to the photo location to the reception, etc. If we’re in the car, we can’t be taking photos, which means less photos over all) and if people/things are running late. For an 8 hour wedding, you’d receive 600-900 images. They are individually edited, non-watermarked, and high-resolution.

Will there be a second shooter?
Most of our packages include second shooters. For smaller weddings (6 hours or less) we offer 1 photographer packages.

When do we get to see our photos after the wedding is over?
You’ll receive a sneak peek within a few days of the wedding, and you’ll get your entire gallery within 2 months of the wedding date.

Who has rights over the photos?
You have rights to do whatever you’d like with your photos, for your own personal use. We own the copyright. Essentially you wouldn’t be able to take a photo we took of you in your dress and sell it to the dress designer to use in an advertisement.